A Few Tips For Refilling Laser Toner

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What precautions should I take when refilling my laser toner cartridge?

A Few Tips For Refilling Laser Toner

Refilling your own laser toner cartridge can save you a lot of money when it comes to printing costs. This little project is not the easiest and can take a few times to get down perfectly. Because of the chemicals in toner as well as the stain possibilities involved, here are a few things to take note of if you are trying to refill your laser toner.

  • Wear rubber gloves. Most laser toner refill kits will come with a pair. They are included for a reason, so put them on!
  • Tools. The toner refills are sealed pretty tightly, so you will want to have a pair of needle-nose pliers handy to pry the opening off.
  • Mix. Newer laser toner is thicker than older toner, so you can now purchase products that are safe to use to dilute the toner. Toner Save is a great product for this and can give you far more life out of a bottle of toner.
  • Location, Location, Location. Do not attempt to refill your laser toner in any areas of your home or office that you do not want to stain. A sink is recommended and you should stick to the bathroom to avoid getting the toner near your kitchen.

Filling laser toner is a risky proposition, but if you take these few tips into account and your job will be a little easier.



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