Cleaning Spilled Laser Toner

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How can I clean up spilled laser toner from fabric?

Cleaning Spilled Laser Toner

If you tried refilling your laser toner and had a little accident with the powder, don't throw out the pants or shirt quite yet. Although it has some seriously strong stain power, you don't want to wait to get the laser toner off. First, do not rub it in to get the powder off.

  • Before you rub, try to blow or shake the laser toner from the spilled area. Rubbing toner in will only make the problem much worse.
  • Next, if you have residual dust that you cannot shake or blow off, carefully use an ink remover. Apply the remover to the affected area and let sit.
  • After a few seconds, scrub the laser toner with an abrasive sponge or scrub brush.
  • Wash in a washing machine on light. Be sure to keep other garments out of the machine while running, just in case you missed a piece of toner.

This should get the laser toner stain off without permanent damage. Look for ink removers at your local hardware store and ask if they will work with powdered ink such as laser toner.



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