Advantages to Laser Toner Printers

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What are the advantages to laser toner printers over inkjet?

Advantages to Laser Toner Printers

There are many advantages to using a laser toner printer, but the main ones are simple; speed, economy and quality. Because a laser can move much faster than an ink jet, you will have print jobs finish with lightning speed. Also, since the laser beam has a larger print diameter, it can create much clearer prints without spilling any excess ink.

When it comes to costs, laser printers are typically more expensive than inkjet printers. However, the ongoing costs of a laser toner printer are far less than the same costs with an inkjet. Compared to inkjet refills, laser toner powder is cheaper and lasts a far longer. Because inkjets run dry so quickly, laser toner printers have become the printers of choice for most offices that do large amounts of printing. Advances in laser toner printer technology have made them even better suited for a home. There have been greatly reduced sizes of printers as well as improved print quality. Both of these advances have coincided with a drastic reduction in the cost of laser printers, making them a great choice for your home.



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