Safety Issues When Cleaning or Changing Laser Toner

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What are safety concerns when I change my laser toner?

Safety Issues When Cleaning or Changing Laser Toner

If you are attempting to clean or change out your laser toner yourself, there are some safety concerns that you should take note of and precaution against. Here are a few tips on what to be careful of when handling your laser toner or printer.

First, beware of spilling toner. Laser toner is a very fine powder. If it spills and gets into the air, it can take a long time to settle and to be cleaned. If you are changing your laser toner, wear a mask to protect your lungs from inhaling the toner particles in the event of a spill. If you do spill, turn off any fans in the room to keep the toner from recycling in the air. Leave the room and come back after the laser toner has had a chance to settle.

One other common danger area in your laser toner printer is in the roller compartment. Different printers are constructed differently. If yours has the roller compartment in tight quarters, be careful if you go near it. This compartment gets hot when printing, and if you have recently printed, may still be hot when you are trying to change the laser toner. Don't get caught burning yourself on the roller compartment. To avoid this heat, wait at least one hour after your last print before attempting to change your laser toner.

Take note of these safety issues when working with your laser printer and you will avoid many of the most common dangers that are there.



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What about if it gets in your eyes?


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