Generic or Xerox Fax Toner Cartridge for Your Machine?

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Should I buy the generic or the Xerox fax toner cartridge for my fax machine?

Generic or Xerox Fax Toner Cartridge for Your Machine?

If you own a Xerox fax or copier, you are probably wondering if all of the money you spend on replacing Xerox fax toner cartridges is necessary or worth it. Well, we can tell you that you are not limited to Xerox made refills anymore. There are many other manufacturers that are now offering compatible fax toner cartridges for Xerox brand copiers and fax machines. There are benefits to using the Xerox made refills. For one, these refills are guaranteed by Xerox and should anything go wrong with your machine, you will be greeted with more help by Xerox support if you were using all of their products when the error occurred.

On the other hand, there is no question that a Xerox fax toner cartridge will be more expensive than a generic cartridge. When deciding whether to use generic or Xerox brand fax toner cartridge refills, you simply need to weigh the additional costs of the brand name against the guarantees that come with using Xerox brand supplies for your machine.



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