Humidity and Fax Toner

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Can humidity be a problem for my fax machine and fax toner?

Humidity and Fax Toner

Fax machines and fax toner are expensive enough. Many people do not pay enough attention to their environment when it comes to this equipment, which often results in their fax toner going bad or causing bad prints. Here is some advice on how humidity, in particular, can affect your fax toner. At any time of year, but especially in the winter, low humidity levels are common inside of many homes and offices.

Remember that fax toner is not a liquid, but a powder and low humidity can cause many different problems for fax machines that use toner. This is because static charges that are affected by the humidity level are used to control how the toner moves onto your paper. Too little humidity and the application will not take properly. To ensure a long life of clean, sharp prints from your fax machine and fax toner, be sure to increase the humidity levels in rooms where your fax machine is located.



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