Aligning Your Ink Cartridge

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Why do you align the ink cartridge after installing it?

Aligning Your Ink Cartridge

For printers that use an independent ink cartridge for both the color and black and white printing, it is important to keep the alignment correct between the two. When printing in color, both the black and white as well as the color ink cartridge are working together. Because both need to work in perfect unison for the print to come out correctly, alignment is crucial.

Aligning your ink cartridges is easy for most home printers. You will want to go to your computers “Control Panel”. Form there you will select “printers”. Select your main printer from the list provided and right-click to select ‘properties'. Form there, the instructions will depend on your specific printer, however, most of the time, you can look for a tab labeled “maintenance”.

Once in maintenance, you can choose from communication check, test page, or align cartridges. When you choose align ink cartridges, a page will be printed and you will need to set the alignment by confirming some information for the computer. Once you finish, you will get a test page printed that will confirm your settings as correct.



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