Name Brand Ink Cartridges vs. Generics

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Are name brand ink cartridges worth the money?

Name Brand Ink Cartridges vs. Generics

In the world of ink cartridges there are two main choices, name brand or generic. Most printer manufacturers also manufacture their ink cartridges, so they recommend these for use in their printers. However, these guys do not have the exclusive right to make these ink cartridges and generics are available for many models. What are the differences you should look for? Here are a few.

The ink in name brand ink cartridges is often of slightly higher quality; however, the human eye would barely be able to notice. Generic ink cartridges will often come at far lower prices, so this is a plus for anyone looking to save a few bucks on their purchase.

There are many other similarities and differences between generic and name brand ink cartridges. If you want more information, visit a local printing supply store or any of the internet resources for office supplies.



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