The Costs of Color Ink Cartridges vs. Black Ink Cartridges

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How expensive are color and black ink cartridges?

The Costs of Color Ink Cartridges vs. Black Ink Cartridges

When shopping for ink cartridges, you will notice that color cartridges are far more expensive, on average, than black ink cartridges. There are many reasons why, but one thing is for sure, this is always the case. After comparing several online vendors, I can say that you will spend an average of at least 30% more for color ink cartridges than for black ink cartridges.

Color ink cartridges are a more complex unit. Whereas a black ink cartridge is only a single reservoir for a single ink color, a color ink cartridge needs to contain three separate reservoirs for three different colors. Because of the more intricate design and manufacturing process, color ink cartridges will always be more expensive. To save on color ink in your printer, look into the new printer types that have multiple cartridges for its color inks. This can save you from having to replace the whole cartridge when only one color runs out.



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