What to do with a Faulty Ink Cartridge

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The ink cartridge I just bought is faulty, what should I do?

What to do with a Faulty Ink Cartridge

Many products can arrive broken after many different stops along the shipping route. An ink cartridge is not immune to this type of damage and many are sold each day that are either broken or faulty from the manufacturer. If you have purchased a faulty ink cartridge, here are a few tips on what you should do. First, see if your ink cartridge came with a manufacturer's warranty.

If so, you should contact the manufacturer and ask how they can either refund your costs or send you a new ink cartridge. These types of exchanges can take time, more time than you have before your next print job, so ask about express shipping. If the time is a concern, you can also check with the store where you bought the ink cartridge. Many retail outlets will accept exchanges or return on an ink cartridge that was bought in their store. You will need your receipt if you want to return or exchange, so be sure to have it handy and don't throw it out. Between the manufacturer and the retail store, you should have no problem exchanging or returning your faulty ink cartridge.



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