Print Head Motors & Ink Cartridges - The Inside of an Inkjet Printer

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How do ink cartridges and print head motors make my printer print?

Print Head Motors & Ink Cartridges - The Inside of an Inkjet Printer

Of the many pieces that make up an inkjet printer, there are two that really make the printer print. These are the head motor and ink cartridges. Without these two integral parts, your printer would be nothing more than a box of plastic and wires. Here is a quick breakdown of the role that each plays. A print head stepper motor is first. This piece of machinery moves the print head assembly (print head and ink cartridges) back and forth across the paper to give you the final picture or document. There are some models of printers contain two separate stepper motors.

One for the print jobs, and one for a brake that prevents unwanted movement of the print assembly. Therefore, without the print head stepper motor, your printer would not move to create your print. Ink cartridges are the second important piece to your printer. These plastic cases hold and distribute the ink from your printer to the paper. Without question, your printer would be useless without ink cartridges for black ink and color. If your printer is not working correctly and you want to fix it, make sure that these two pieces are in working order. They are the most important, and unfortunately, the most common pieces that need replacing or repair.



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