The Makeup of an Inkjet Cartridge

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How is an inkjet cartridge constructed?

The Makeup of an Inkjet Cartridge

Modern inkjet cartridges and printers are a far cry form the original printing models used by businesses with computers. While the modern inkjet cartridge draws much from its predecessors, there is an inescapable advance in their technology over time that has lead to their current states. Most current inkjet cartridges work by using a series of small electrically-heated chambers constructed with ‘photolithography'.

To create the image, the inkjet printer runs a pulse of current into the heating elements causing a steam explosion in the chamber. This forms a bubble in the inkjet cartridge which propels a drop of ink onto the paper. When the bubble condenses, surplus ink is sucked back up from the printing surface. The ink's surface tension pumps another charge of ink into the chamber through a narrow channel attached to an ink reservoir. Older inkjet cartridges directed ink through ultrasonic waves; however, this was vastly improved in modern inkjet cartridges.



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