You Spent for Quality Printing, Why Skimp on Inkjet Refills?

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Is it worth the savings to use inkjet refills?

You Spent for Quality Printing, Why Skimp on Inkjet Refills?

When you bought your printer, what were you looking for? Chances are, you were most concerned with the quality of the prints that were produced by it. If this is the case and you are thinking of trying inkjet refills, ask yourself if it is worth the risk.

The risk of losing print quality when using inkjet refills is real. Misuse or improper refilling can lead to major printer damage. Beyond misuse, even proper use is not always enough. You see, when you reuse and reuse the same printer cartridge and inkjet refills, there is an inevitable buildup of ink that hardens at the print nozzle or head. This will surely lead to a loss in the quality of your prints. With this in mind, you should replace the ink cartridge every three inkjet refills. If you need to buy a new cartridge that often, AND run the risk of losing print quality… is it really worth it for the few dollars you save?



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