Buying the Right Printer Ink Cartridge

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How do I know what type of printer ink cartridge I need for my printer?

Buying the Right Printer Ink Cartridge

With so many makes and models of personal and business solution printers, there are also enormous variants on the types of printer ink cartridges on the market. Unlike camera film, or even paper for that matter, there is no standard size for a printer ink cartridge. Manufacturers of printers also are the manufacturers of ink, in many cases, and they are sure to make their printers only compatible with their own size and type printer ink cartridge. Due to this, you should be sure to buy the correct printer ink cartridge when you are next on empty.

To determine your type of printer ink cartridge, you can do a couple of things. First, consult your printer manual. It should have the exact type that you require. Also, you can use the internet to access the manufacturer's website where they should tell you what type of printer ink cartridge matches your model printer. The best bet however, is to simply remove the empty printer ink cartridge from your printer. It will have markings that let you know its type. Bring it with you when you guy to re-buy and you will be 100% sure you get what you need.



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