Buying Printer Ink Cartridges in Bulk

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Will I save in the long run if I buy printer ink cartridges in bulk quantity?

Buying Printer Ink Cartridges in Bulk

The savvy business operator knows that the real secret to shaving costs of supplies is by purchasing from a wholesaler in bulk quantity. This applies to everything from paper clips to light bulbs. Printer ink cartridges are also available in bulk quantities and, for as expensive as printing can get, are the smart solution for any business. The thing about office supplies is that they will always, eventually, get used. Paper clips do not go bad. If properly stored, neither will printer ink cartridges. Why not save money and stock up? Too many people are scared off by the initial expense in buying in bulk.

If you are still hesitant, here is what you should do. Take a few minutes and calculate how much you have spent in the last year on printer ink cartridges, or printer supplies in general. If you itemize your purchases, this should not be too difficult. It should also be mentioned that buying in bulk makes such expense tracking far easier as well.

Once you have a number for that yearly expense, find a wholesale source online or locally. Ask them for a quote on the same quantity of printer ink cartridges you purchased in that same year, but all at once in bulk. L For most who take this little test, they immediately see that they have been wasting money, in the long run, for what they perceive as savings in the short run. Don't make this mistake yourself. Buy your printer ink cartridges in bulk.



9/11/2007 7:39:14 PM
Stab said:

I did this and ended up with too many outdated cartridges for a printer that didn't work anymore.


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