Need New Printer Cartridges? How About a Whole New Printer!

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Why are printer cartridges so expensive compared to a whole new printer?

Need New Printer Cartridges? How About a Whole New Printer!

A funny irony when it comes to printer cartridges today is how expensive they are. This is ironic due to the fact that a new set of black and color cartridges can sometime be more expensive than buying a brand new printer… which comes with new ink cartridges. Many retail stores today offer such large rebates on their printers that you can even find a brand new printer, with ink, for less than it would cost to refill you own printer cartridges. Why are we not seeing landfills overflowing with printers?

The answer is simple, refillable printer cartridges. The costs of a new printer cartridge is great, yes, but the cost savvy consumer does not buy new printer cartridges each time they run out of ink. They use refillable printer cartridges and save money and the environment. You won't find a new printer for the price of a refill kit. These kits are a great way to save on your printer cartridges and you should look into them if you don't have one already. Your wallet will thank you.



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