The First Place to Look to Recycle your Ink Cartridge

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Where should I start when I try to recycle ink cartridges?

The First Place to Look to Recycle your Ink Cartridge

Today, office equipment manufacturers are taking stronger steps towards protecting the environment. To that end, many have begun making their products out of more environmentally-friendly materials. The makes of printer ink cartridges are leading the way in this area and are the first place you should look if you are looking to recycle an ink cartridge.

First, see if you can locate the original packaging from your ink cartridge. If the manufacturer that you bought can recycle ink cartridges, they will typically include instructions on their packaging as to their procedure. If so, follow the instructions and send the empty ink cartridge to the supplied address. If not, you can still recycle ink cartridges in many places. This is just the first stop. If you cannot find the original packaging, contact the manufacturer through their support phone or website.



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