Ink Cartridge Recycling Tips for Your Business

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How can my business save with ink cartridge recycling?

Ink Cartridge Recycling Tips for Your Business

So you want to start a strict recycling program in your office for all of your supplies. Making employees follow recycling protocol can be difficult, but here are some ways to make ink cartridge recycling and other types of recycling a reality for your business.

  • Easy Access – The biggest reason that materials go un-recycled is because it is less convenient than just throwing them in the nearest trash. If you want your office to effectively recycle, keep a recycling bin next to each trash can. This excuse goes out the window if you do.
  • Incentive – If you really want to motivate your employees to recycle, offer incentives or contests for which department or team can recycle the most. For example, the team that does the most ink cartridge recycling earns a 3 hour lunch day. They will recycle with the proper incentive.

There are many other ways to promote recycling in your office. For more information on recycling and ink cartridge recycling, in general, take a look at the other resources here at



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