Ink Recycling as a Standard

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Is ink recycling something everyone should participate in?

Ink Recycling as a Standard

Ink recycling is important for many reasons. Most importantly, ink recycling keeps residual ink in cartridges from finding their way into our landfills or water streams. Ink can cause major problems if it is improperly disposed of. Getting it into any water supply will contaminate the water for sure. Allowing the ink to get into the ground can lead to any number of poor environmental effects.

To combat the problems caused by unused ink, ink recycling should be a standard for any home or business that has inkjet printers or copiers. Ink recycling is easy with most manufacturers. You can often send the ink cartridge to a recycle plant in standard mail packaging with prepaid postage provided by the manufacturer. Be sure to look for this benefit the next time you purchase ink cartridges. Without it, chances are you won't recycle your ink cartridge which won't help anyone.



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