Downsides to Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling

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Are there any downsides to buying from laser toner recycling companies?

Downsides to Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling

Not everyone is a huge believer in buying from laser toner recycling companies. There are downsides that make the cost-benefit analysis a little less clear than you may think. Here are a few recognized downsides to buying your supplies from laser toner cartridge recycling companies.

  • Toner Quality & Type - The toner used by the manufacturers is designed specifically to work in the cartridges they make and in the printers they make. Most laser toner cartridge recycling companies use toner that is designed for copiers, and only copiers. Printer toner has different properties and mixing the two will definitely reduce print quality.
  • Recycle Everything – Many companies that exclusively deal in laser toner cartridge recycling will only recycle the toner and not the cartridge. Most original manufacturers offer their own recycling options on their packaging.

The difference; manufacturers recycle the toner and the cartridge instead of just reusing the components. It is great that you want to help by participating in laser toner cartridge recycling. Know of the downsides and be sure that when you do make your choice, you weigh all the options and make the best choice.



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