Recycling Toner Cartridges - A Manufacturers Coup

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Do manufacturers benefit from recycling toner cartridges?

Recycling Toner Cartridges - A Manufacturers Coup

You may wonder how certain companies stay at the top of their industry for so long. When it comes to the makers of printers and toner, the leaders stay on top by using innovative means to keep their customers loyal. One of the smartest ways came with the advent of recycling. Recycling toner cartridges through the manufacturer makes for a loyal customer. Many printers and copiers use toner that is also made and sold by the same manufacturer. This alone helps ensure the manufacturer that their recent printer or copier customer will be purchasing toner from them as well.

However, there are still other companies that make compliant toner you can use. When manufacturers began recycling toner cartridges, there was an all new incentive for buyers to keep purchasing their toner from the same manufacturer. Between the environmental savings and the familiarity with the manufacturer, the customer will have a much stronger probability of maintaining their purchasing from this same manufacturer. Recycling toner cartridges is definitely great for the environment and great for convenience. Don't buy the completely altruistic motives selling points though; manufacturers have a great deal to gain as well by recycling toner cartridges.



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