Are recycled toners any good?

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Are recycled toners any good?

Are recycled toners any good?

Here is a very straight forward question that has no straight forward answer. The truth is, the quality of recycled toner will greatly depend on where you get it and who did the recycling. Here are some things to look out for to help you determine for yourself if recycled toners are any good. First, get details on the process. If you are making a big toner purchase from a company, they should have no problem letting you know what their toner recycling process is. Ask about toner mixing in the process.

Toners are made differently for different purposes and mixing the types can cause a sever loss in quality. Also, if you are making a big purchase, ask for references from current users of the recycled toner. The best people to ask about whether recycled toners are any good are those that have used it from the company you are thinking of buying from. Get reviews with regard to durability, lifespan, and printing quality. Be sure to compare apples to apples when it comes to your toner needs. Are recycled toners any good? From a good company, they are as good as from the manufacturer. You will want to do the research on your own to see if the company you are thinking about is a good one.



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