Ink Refill Troubleshooting Tips

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Why do you align the ink cartridge after installing it?

Ink Refill Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Keep Your Original Packaging – Most toner manufacturers will include detailed instructions for toner recycle programs that they have. If you get rid of the original packaging that your toner came in, check with the manufacturer's website for instructions.
  2. Use It All – Toner recycling is great, but if people used all of their toner, it wouldn't be as necessary. Too many offices do not use all of the toner in their cartridges. Be sure to shake that cartridge before giving up on it. You probably have more left in the tank than you thought.
  3. Package With Care – When you are sending empty cartridges in to a toner recycle plant, be sure you package the empty cartridge well. Often, there is toner residue that cab leak or bleed out if not sealed well.
  4. Exchange – Many manufacturers and exclusive toner recycle companies will offer incentives for recycling with them. These can often come in the form of exchanging your empty toner cartridge for another at a discount. Be sure to inquire about this and take advantage when offered.



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