The Different Between Toner and Inkjet

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What is the difference between toner and inkjet printing?

The Different Between Toner and Inkjet

In the world of color printing, there are two main types of printing methods used. Laser printing and inkjet printing have become the standard for homes, offices, and any other small printing stations. What is the difference between the two, well, there are many.

First, inkjet printing is a little easier to understand. This is because it is more like using a pen to print your name than anything else. With inkjet, the printer gives you a print by pressing the ink to the paper for adherence. Laser printing with toner is different because it does not rely on pressure to adhere the print, but rather ‘burns' the toner onto the paper with laser technology. This is the basic difference between the two. Inkjet printing has become the standard for low-cost color printing. However, laser printing with toner is definitely worth the extra cost if you have a printing job that needs the best in quality.

Check with a printer manufacturer for more specifications on both inkjet and laser toner printers.



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