Determining the Quality of your Toner

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How do I know the best toner for my machine?

Determining the Quality of your Toner

If you have a laser printer or copier, you should try to determine the best toner for your unit. The first step is to make a note of the toner you used when you bought your printer. How long did it last? How reliable was the printing? Was it cost effective? All of these questions and more will form the basis for your future comparisons.

  • First, make sure that when you buy new toner that the bottle or cartridge properly fits into your machine.
  • Next, run a few test pages to see how the quality compares to the originals. Compare the output with pages from the old batch, watching for streaks, lines or blurring.
  • Keep accurate track of how long your new toner lasts in the number of prints that it produces. You will easily be able to track the cost effectiveness of the new brand to the old.

When comparing different brands and types of toner, keep track of the print quality and cost effectiveness of each that you try. Soon, you will find the perfect toner for your model printer or copier. Do not be surprised if the answer turns out to be right where you started.



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