Some Things to Know About Toner

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How does laser toner make prints in my printer?

Some Things to Know About Toner

It is simple to understand how inkjet cartridges make prints, but understanding how laser toner printers work is a little different. As opposed to printing ink on a page, laser toner cartridges use high voltage and magnetism to transfer the extremely fine toner powder to the paper. The toner powder is transferred with a roller that releases the magnetic charge with the help of a laser beam and an electro photographic drum.

When printing, the electrically charged characters that are formed in toner are applied to the print paper. The paper is also electrically charged and the attractive charges hold the toner characters in place. After the toner is applied, the paper is passed through a heated roller that melts the characters and permanently fixes them onto the paper. Although more complicated than inkjet printing, laser toner printers will give you a clearer, better quality print.



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