Quick Tips to Tone Down Your Toner Costs

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How can I cut down on my toner costs?

Quick Tips to Tone Down Your Toner Costs

Nothing is more frustrating than spending more than you need to for anything you buy. This is especially true when the item you are buying is way too expensive in the first place. Paying anything on top of that is just ridiculous. If you want to save on your costs of toner, here are a few tips on how to get started.

  • Is it really empty? Nothing saves more money than not needing to make the purchase in the first place, right? When your printer or copier starts to fizzle, check to make sure that the toner cartridge is truly empty. Usually, there are many more prints in an ‘empty' canister if you just shake it up a little.
  • Discount toner specials online. It seems like everything is cheaper on the Internet, and toner is definitely included in this statement. You can find toner for huge discounts from any number of online vendors. Shop around before you buy.
  • Stock up. The most common reason that people spend too much on their toner is because they are in a bind and need it, now. This means that the only option available is the local office supply store where you can bet that retail costs will be your only option. To save on your toner, always keep some around in planning for this exact occasion.

If you plan ahead and have toner that you bought at a discount, you won't need to make that emergency trip to the Depot.



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