Types of Copier Toner

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What different types of copier toner are there?

Types of Copier Toner

If your office has a copier, you will want to educate yourself about copier toner. There are two major types of toner on the market: bottled toner and toner cartridges. Usually, bottled toner is simply plain toner in a plastic bottle. This is the type of choice for most photocopiers and is easily poured into your toner container within the machine. On the other hand, toner cartridges are slightly more complex units.

Copier toner cartridges are made of both toner and an imaging drum packaged in a plastic case. Laser printers and fax machines most often use toner cartridges, although many low-end copiers do as well. Toner cartridges cost more than bottle toner, but are also usually easier to buy from a local store. Be sure to examine your user manual to determine the best type of copier toner for your unit. If you have difficulty locating the proper type, contact your manufacturer for more advice.



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