Freshness Counts with Your Copier Toner Cartridge

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Can copier toner cartridges go bad if not used?

Freshness Counts with Your Copier Toner Cartridge

If you do your office or home copying with laser toner, you should pay attention to the age of your copier toner cartridge. Many people do not think that a copier toner cartridge can go bad with age. The truth is that it is recommended that you use a copier toner cartridge within one year of purchasing it. A copier toner cartridge's performance will deteriorate over time if it sits open for too long.

If you want the best results from your toner, the copier toner cartridge should be kept sealed in its bag until use. Keep it at room temperature to prevent the toner from clumping inside the cartridge. Toner is essentially a powder, and if exposed to the elements it could be damaged. If you buy your copier toner cartridges in bulk, don't worry. So long as you keep the toner cartridges in a dry place and in their protective packaging, you can buy copier toner cartridges to last you for some time without worrying about their age.



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