Ink Refill Troubleshooting Tips

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I am having problems with my ink refill kit, what should I do?

Ink Refill Troubleshooting Tips

If you are using an ink refill kit and are having problems getting the job done, here are a few tips on how to troubleshoot the problem. If you are having trouble getting the ink into the cartridge with the provided tools, make sure that you are following the instructions properly. The largest reason for ink refill problems is improper usage. If you are on point with the instructions, move on to the tools. If the flow of ink into the cartridge is not correct, make sure that the tool and the cartridge have matching openings. A mismatch will make for a messy cleanup from spilled ink.

If you have gotten your ink refill into the cartridge but cannot get the printer or copier to work correctly, make sure that you have re-inserted the ink refill into the machine. Often, cartridges are left closed improperly causing jams in the machine. Make sure you closed the cartridge and sealed it tight. If printing is smudged or has lines in it, run your cartridge head cleaning utility in your computer. There are many other problems that people have with ink refill kits. You can easily troubleshoot the problem with a little patience and help. For problems not found here, check the rest of LifeTips or your ink refill manufacturer.



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