Components of an Ink Refill Kit

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What should come in an ink refill kit?

Components of an Ink Refill Kit

Different manufacturers have different parts to their ink refill kits. However, as the ink cartridge is a pretty universal mechanism, the ink refill kit has some fairly universal components as well. Here is a quick rundown of what should come in any ink refill kit.

  • Ink – Obviously, you will need the bottles of ink for your refill. For black ink cartridges, you will need only the black ink bottle. For color cartridges, you will need each of the three pigments.
  • Injector – Most ink refill kits come with a syringe or other type of injection device. Proper use of these will make for the cleanest and easiest job.
  • Plug Extractor – The hardest part of refilling an ink cartridge is often opening it up.

A good ink refill kit will include a tool for getting the plug off of the cartridge. These can take many forms. If your ink refill kit doesn't have one, you can use pair of needlenose pliers. These three things are essential pieces to any ink refill kit. Be sure that the ink refill kit that you purchase has all of them and look out for other handy tools that are also available.



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