How do generic toner refill kits work?

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How do generic toner refill kits work?

How do generic toner refill kits work?

Many people save money by purchasing generic toner refill kits for their copiers and printers. These are a great way to save money if you are willing to put in the time to learn how to use them correctly. Most take no more than ten minutes to use and here are a few easy steps to getting the job done.

First, open your machine and expose the cartridge or drum. Carefully, as not to damage the machine, remove the cartridge or drum according to the unit's instructions. Once you have it out, determine if there is an access for using the toner refill kit or whether you will need to create a hole yourself.

From here, you will simply need to use the injector that came with your toner refill kit to inject the toner refill into the cartridge or drum. Once you have filled the cartridge or drum and sealed it back up tightly, carefully re-insert it into the machine and run the system maintenance. You should be back on the printing road with a full tank.



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