Certification For Compatible Printer Ink

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Can you tell me if there is certification for compatible printer ink?

Certification For Compatible Printer Ink

DataBazaar.com Tip: With the proliferation of compatible printer ink on the market, you may be wondering just what sort of standards they adhere to. Although you could stand to save costs significantly as compatible printer ink is sometimes as much as 50 percent cheaper than the manufacturer's printer ink, purchasing an inferior product could leave you with poor quality prints or even printer problems. The key is to purchase compatible printer ink that has an established reputation for quality and adheres to a high level of standards.

For instance, at Databazaar.com you can choose from a selection of compatible printer ink that meets the company's level of high quality standards. Their product ranges from various brands to unbranded compatible ink. All of Databazaar.com's compatible printer ink adheres to industry standards. The manufacturers of the compatible printer ink either carry an ISO9001 certification or similar certification with SMTC.



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