Factors Affecting Page Yield With Inkjet Printers

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What factors contribute to the actual page yield you’ll get?

Factors Affecting Page Yield With Inkjet Printers

With the creation of a standardized test for measuring the page yield of inkjet printers, printer manufacturers are now publishing the page yield of their products so that you can compare the output of different equipment. Even so, you can expect to experience some variation as the end user of inkjet printers. A number of different factors can affect the actual page yield you might get with various inkjet printers.

  • The content you print, such as type of graphics, and typical page coverage will affect the page yield you end up getting.
  • The time that passes from when you print to the next will affect your actual page yield. With frequent starts and stops during printing, inkjet printers will use up ink in order to maintain normal function and keep the nozzles running smoothly.
  • When you decide to determine the end life of a cartridge will also affect the page yield, as well.



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