HP's Recommendations For Printing Photos With Ink Cartridges

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HP's Recommendations For Printing Photos With Ink Cartridges

Getting the best results when you're printing photos isn't always easy. Fortunately, there are tricks for printing photos so that you can consistently get better quality prints. One way of achieving this is by choosing the right ink cartridges for your printer. Here's what HP recommends for getting good quality photos.

  • For color photos, use the color ink cartridges or 3-ink color photo configuration for optimal results. This option is best if you want to print photos on the fly, such as instant printouts for friends at a birthday party.
  • For enhanced quality images, use the color ink cartridges and special photo ink cartridges together when printing photos. You'll get better looking results when it comes to realistic skin tones.
  • Are you looking to highlight textures and create a dramatic effect with contrasting shadows? Combine three ink cartridges – the color, special photo and gray ink cartridges.
  • For great looking black and white shots, use just the gray ink cartridge for optimal results.



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