How To Save Money With Canon Ink Cartridges

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How can I save money on Canon ink cartridges?

How To Save Money With Canon Ink Cartridges Tip: Let's face it. The cost of keeping ink in your printer can be high. Most color printers require you to replace two ink cartridges on a regular basis - the color ink and black ink. If you have a Canon printer, there are some ways you can save on Canon ink cartridges.

  • Purchase your Canon ink cartridges from a discount retailer, rather than paying the full price that many chain office suppliers charge.
  • Buy your Canon ink cartridges in bulk whenever possible. The cost of buying one ink cartridge every time your ink runs out can add up. However, if you can get a discount by buying less frequently in bulk, you can save money in the long run in ink cartridge costs.
  • Rather than buying the name brand Canon ink cartridges, purchase the compatible ink version. Compatible Canon ink cartridges can garner you a savings of up to 50 percent off the name brand price.



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