Long Lasting Epson Ink Cartridges

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How long do Epson Ink Cartridges tend to last?

Long Lasting Epson Ink Cartridges

DataBazaar.com Tip: Ever wondered if it was worth it to buy genuine Epson ink cartridges? According to Torrey Pines, an independent product research and development company, the answer is yes. Epson ink cartridges out-performed competing compatible brands in the number of page outputs yielded during a test. In a test using the Epson Stylus 740, the Epson ink cartridges yielded 54 percent more pages in black ink and 26 percent more color pages than a competing brand. In numbers of pages, the Epson ink cartridges yielded a total of 247 pages in black ink and 160 pages in color ink. The tests were also done on the Epson Stylus C60 and the Epson Stylus 777. In all instances, the Epson ink cartridges came out ahead in terms of page outputs. During the Epson Stylus 777 test, the printers required fewer head cleanings with the Epson ink cartridges than its competing brand.



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