Xerox Ink Goes Solid

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What is different about the Solid Xerox ink products?

Xerox Ink Goes Solid Tip: Xerox has a new technology that belongs solely to them. The Solid Xerox ink technology works by using a maintenance roller which applies a thin layer of silicone to a heated drum. All of the Xerox ink colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, are applied on the drum from a full-length printhead, eliminating misregistration that can occur with other printers. The Xerox ink goes onto the paper fibers, but doesn't have the problem of ink spreading that ink jets have or the toner scattering problem that laser printers have. The Solid Xerox ink technology has several other advantages. When you reload the Xerox ink, you use solid ink sticks instead of toner cartridges. You can insert the ink sticks without taking the printer offline. You also have a more environmentally-friendly product because there's less ink packaging waste and by-products.



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