Lexmark Toner Cartridge And The New Standards

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Do the Lexmark Toner cartridges adhere to any standards?

Lexmark Toner Cartridge And The New Standards

DataBazaar.com Tip: If you're wondering if your Lexmark toner cartridge adheres to any regulations, the answer is yes. As of 2006, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created a new set of guidelines for measuring ink and color toner yield measurements. Now, there's a uniform set of standards for all printer manufacturers to measure their cartridge page yield. The cartridge page yield is the number of sheets that one toner or ink cartridge produces.

For the Lexmark toner cartridge, this means the cartridge page yield is measured in a controlled environment with the printer at default settings, right down to the room temperature. A minimum of nine different cartridges undergo the test in order to have a reliable result to draw the cartridge page yield from.



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