Replacing With Bottled Copier Toners

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What are the benefits of using bottled copier toners?

Replacing With Bottled Copier Toners

Not all copier toners are the same. Some copiers may use cartridge toners, while others may be units which use bottled copier toners. If you're deciding between which model is best, consider that there are advantages to getting equipment that uses bottled copier toners. Here are some points to consider when deciding what works best for your office.

  • For larger monochrome copiers, it's common to replace the toner by refilling with the toner bottle.
  • You'll find some versions of the bottled copier toners are placed in the same way as cartridge toners. Some units have a hopper for you to pour the toner without having to open the door of the unit.
  • You can find models which carry multiple bottled copier toners, reducing the down time due to refills.
  • In some models of copiers, you can even find a hopper which allows you to refill the toner without interrupting the printing job at all.



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