Figuring In The Cost Of Copy Toners To Your Budget

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What additional costs do I have besides the cost of a laser copier?

Figuring In The Cost Of Copy Toners To Your Budget

When you're shopping for a laser copier to suit your needs, it's important to not only look at the cost of the actual copier, but to factor in the cost of consumables, as well. Specifically, copy toners, developers, and fuser oil can add significantly to your budget throughout the life of your laser copier. You typically have four different colors of copy toners you will need to replace, including cyan, yellow, magenta and black. You can purchase the copy toners as separate bottles and replace colors as they run out. You also need to upkeep your supply of developers to mix with your copy toners. Developers create the magnetic attraction to your toners to the drum so that you can print. Prints from your laser copier will fade over time, signaling the need for you to add developer. An uneven color in your printouts often indicates the need for new toners. For the finishing touch on your laser copier printouts, you need fuser oil, which tends to last twice as long as developer.



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