Replacing Your Brother Toner Cartridge

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Is there a difference between the Brother toner cartridge and the compatible version?

Replacing Your Brother Toner Cartridge Tip: If you're replacing your Brother toner cartridge, you have more than one option to choose from. You can either buy a genuine Brother toner cartridge or the compatible toner cartridge version. Which option you choose depends on your personal preference and whether you're trying to realize a cost savings.

Buying a genuine Brother toner cartridge does have its advantages. You'll be purchasing a product that's specifically tested and formulated for optimal use with Brother fax products. You're also buying from a name brand with a proven track record of delivering a reliable, quality product.

For those who would prefer to save on costs, you can purchase a compatible toner cartridge instead. For instance, if you have a Brother Intellifax 3800, you could be spending $27 on the replacement of a black toner cartridge. If you buy the compatible toner cartridge, you'd just be spending about $7. That's a savings of $20 each time you have to replace your Brother toner cartridge.

Check to see whether a compatible product is new or refurbished. If the compatible version of the Brother toner cartridge says it's “New”, then that means it's a brand new product that is similar to the manufacturer's original. Compatible products from come with the same warranty as the original manufacturer's products, so you not only garner a cost savings, you'll get the same coverage and benefits, as well.



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