How Brother Fax Toner Works

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How is Brother fax toner supposed to be better than third party versions?

How Brother Fax Toner Works

Like all major printer manufacturers, Brother touts their own toner as superior to that of third parties. Here's the scoop on what this printer manufacturer has to say about their Brother fax toner.

  • Brother fax toner is specifically formulated to deliver quality print resolution and images that work specifically with their equipment. Factors like the size of the toner particle, the shape of the toner particle and the color of the pigmentation affect the quality of the final print.
  • The Brother fax toner has a balanced formula that provides a smooth flow and even distribution onto the paper. Binders within the Brother fax toner keep it together and give it the hold it needs for printouts.
  • Brother fax toner has a temperature-specific formula. Toner needs to heat to a specific temperature so that it can melt and adhere properly to paper.



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