How The Laser Fax Toner Works

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How does a laser fax toner work?

How The Laser Fax Toner Works

A laser fax machine is a finely calibrated piece of equipment that prints images with the use of laser fax toner. If you've ever wondered how laser fax toner creates printouts, here's how the laser fax machine works.

  • The inside of a laser fax machine contains a drum, toner, laser unit, paper tray and rollers.
  • The laser beam directs its light onto the drum and attracts laser fax toner particles to the drum surface.
  • The paper passes through the drum and attracts the toner away from the drum surface.
  • The laser fax toner affixes to the paper in the form of text and or images.
  • As the paper and laser fax toner passes through the rollers, the heat and pressure create a permanent bond which becomes your printout.



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