The Word On Refill Ink Reliability

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Is refill ink a reliable solution for my printer?

The Word On Refill Ink Reliability

There is no question that refill ink is a cheaper way to go than purchasing brand new ink cartridges every time you need it. However, is refill ink really worth the savings? The answer may depend on what your needs are. If you're printing documents on a regular basis without detailed graphics or photos, refill ink may suit you just fine. However, some folks in the photography world don't feel that refill ink measures up when it comes to their needs.

According to an article in PC World, third party inks tend to have higher failure rates than that of original manufacturer inks. So you have to take into consideration the lower print yields and problems like streaks and color bleeds. If you're a photographer who values color balance and consistency in your prints, using a third party ink may make getting that quality more difficult. With original manufacture inks, specific profiles are included that make optimizing quality easier. When you use a third party ink, you no longer have that profile to use and have to spend money on a color management suite in order to get the same results.



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