The Remanufactured Cartridge And The Environment

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Is the remanufactured cartridge good for the environment?

The Remanufactured Cartridge And The Environment

It's only recently that people became aware that they have the option to buy a remanufactured cartridge rather than going straight for the printer manufacturer's version. According to Recharger Magazine, a publication resource for the printing industry, every second, someone is tossing out an old ink cartridge in the U.S. To produce just one toner cartridge, it takes 3.5 quarts of oil.

That's why using a remanufactured cartridge can be good for the environment. Rather than going straight to landfills and contributing to waste, consumers can use the remanufactured cartridge several times over with refilled ink. According to an article in the Colorado Gazette, people can save 30 percent to 50 percent off the cost of the manufacturer's cartridge with a remanufactured cartridge.



9/7/2011 10:28:31 AM
worker 1 said:

does anyone have info on exposure concerns on the refurbished cartridges when they 'pop'? We have had several instances where the cartridge has a mini explosion where you hear a 'pop' sound and toner dust is expelled from the cartridge.


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