Lexmark Printer's Answer To The Remanufactured Cartridge Battle

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How does the Lexmark return program work?

Lexmark Printer's Answer To The Remanufactured Cartridge Battle

Some consumers may be flocking to the nearest remanufactured cartridge retailer to save their pocketbooks on the cost of printing. Meanwhile, the printer manufacturers are devising ways to keep their share of the market. Lexmark has recently come up with a way to keep their customers coming back to them for ink. Lexmark has a new line of wireless-enabled printers. But, it's not just the technology that's interesting.

The new wireless-enabled printers, along with two entry-level printers from Lexmark, will be part of a return program where the company will offer $4 discounts on the cartridges as long as customers agree not to get remanufactured cartridge units from another party. Lexmark is not only offering the discount, but will have a chip to disable the cartridges if customers who are part of the program end up refilling them somewhere else.



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