Using An HP Inkjet Cartridge For Business

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Is it worth it to get an HP Inkjet rather than going to a professional printer?

Using An HP Inkjet Cartridge For Business Tip: If you're sending a lot of office documents and marketing collateral out to a professional printer on a regular basis, you might do well by using an HP inkjet cartridge for your business needs instead. According to HP, you could save 95 percent in printing costs by using one of their HP inkjet cartridge products rather than printing at a local printer.

This is how much you'd spend on printing if you decided to print with the HP BIJ 2800. For 50 pages of documents that have just 10 percent page coverage in black ink, you'd spend just $2.56 for the entire package. Go to a local print shop and you could end up paying $49 for the same set of documents. For 100 page documents that have 60 percent coverage, use the BIJ 2800 HP inkjet cartridge and you'll spend $25.76 for the entire process. The same document at a local print shop might cost you $98.



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