Inkjet Printer Cartridges: What You Get For Your Money

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How much does it actually cost me per page for inkjet printer cartridges?

Inkjet Printer Cartridges: What You Get For Your Money

Have you ever wondered exactly what you get for your money when you're buying inkjet printer cartridges? When you're changing out inkjet printer cartridges every few months or so, it may not seem like much. Here are some hard numbers from an article on on a variety of printers so you can get an idea of how much ink you get for your dollar. The following results are based on a printout with 5 percent coverage per sheet of paper.

Canon i850 – According to data from the Rochester Institute of Technology, the page yields of the Canon i850 inkjet printer cartridges were higher overall than those actually stated by the manufacturer. Based on the test data provided by, you pay 2.7 cents per sheet of black ink and 5.3 cents per sheet of color ink.

Dell A940 – There wasn't any data to compare what Dell states as its page yield versus what was found on the test. However, the Dell A490 came out to cost much higher per page with its inkjet printer cartridges. You pay 7.1 cents per sheet of black ink and 9.7 cents per sheet of color ink.

Epson Stylus C84 – The Epson Stylus C84 results for black ink showed that their page yields for black ink were lower than that stated by the manufacturer. However, the color ink page yields were all higher. You pay 6.4 cents per page for black ink and 4.3 cents per page for color ink.



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