Our Cleaning Inkjet Cartridge Guide

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How do you clean an inkjet cartridge?

Our Cleaning Inkjet Cartridge Guide

Cleaning inkjet cartridge units help keep your prints looking crisp and streak-free. It's a maintenance you can perform whenever you detect missing colors in prints or when a text document comes out looking fuzzy. For the best printing results, cleaning inkjet cartridge units on a regular basis is recommended.

The exact procedures vary by printer manufacturer, but this is a typical scenario:

  • Go to your printer control panel or printer utilities.
  • Select the clean printer head function.
  • Follow the screen instructions to clean your printer head.
  • Do a test at the end of the cleaning to make sure all the ink colors are clean.
  • For best results on cleaning inkjet cartridge units, clean the printer head several times in a row and then perform the test to check whether the cleaning is effective.



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